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PROFIBUS Hub & Repeater ProfiHub B5 (IP20)

PROFIBUS Hub & Repeater ProfiHub B5 (IP20)


PROFIBUS Hub & Repeater ProfiHub B5 (IP20)

Profibus Hub & Repeater ProfiHub B5 (IP20)

Part No: MPGC-PB-Tools-IP20


The ProfiHub B5 is an advanced, flexible and robust network component for PROFIBUS DP installations, providing the unique capability to implement long multi-device spur lines and backbone structures with star/tree segments in IP 20 applications.

There is also an IP 65 version available, the ProfiHub A5. The days of one long daisy chain installation are over! With the ProfiHub B5, a whole new way of designing PROFIBUS DP Networks is possible.

With 5 Galvanic isolated channels (segments) and each channel capable of handling up to 31 devices, each ProfiHub B5 can accommodate a maximum of 155 devices. With no limit in serial placement or cascading of ProfiHubs, you can arrange your network to meet your needs and budget.

Because the ProfiHub creates isolated segments, the slave devices can now be removed and added during operation! Also electrical bus problems and EMC disturbances in a segment do not spread to the other segments. The intelligent logic and isolation circuits of the ProfiHub do not change the bit width. This also means there is no limit to how many ProfiHubs are connected in series!


  • DP - RS 485 specifications for each channel
  • No limit in serial placement or cascading of ProfiHubs
  • Integrated Ground Rail with configurable grounding system (direct or capacitive)
  • Screw terminals and DB9 connectors. (can be mixed)
  • Each channel has status and error display
  • Each channel has short circuit protection
  • Hot slave insertion and removal during operation
  • Conveniently arranged networks
  • Easy extendable installations
  • Suitable for all DP cables


Item PROFIBUS Repeater & Hub ProfiHub B5
  • Transparent for all PROFIBUS DP protocols
  • 9.6 Kbps to 12 Mbps (automatic detection)
  • No address required
Indicators (LED)



167 x 111 x 32 mm


650 g


DIN Rail



Cable Length

1200 m spur line length (depends on transmission speed)

Cascading Depth

No limit in cascading

  • 5 Isolated channels (repeater segments)
  • 31 devices per channel

Integrated Termination Switches


On-board DB9 female connector for maintenance activities

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