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PBpro PCI Express

PBpro PCI Express


PBpro PCI Express

PBpro PCI Express - Universal PCI Express Board for Use as Master or Slave

Part No:
(Master/Slave, Single Channel)
MPSF-PB-PRO1-PCIE/LP (Master/Slave, Single Channel, Low Profile Slot Bracket)
MPSF-PB-PRO1S-PCIE (Slave, Single Channel)
MPSF-PB-PRO1S-PCIE/LP (Slave, Single Channel, Low Profile Slot Bracket)
MPSF-PB-PRO2-PCIE (Master/Slave, Dual Channel)

Universal PCI Express Board for Use as Master or Slave


Single and dual channel interface board in PCI Express format for integrating PCs into PROFIBUS architectures as machine controllers, supervisory control applications, field devices or operator panels.

Always the Fitting PROFIBUS Protocol

  • PROFIBUS Master and Slave functionality
  • Support of PROFIBUS DP, PROFIBUS FMS and PROFIBUS FDL protocols
  • Universal interface solution for integration in industrial and embedded PCs

Rapid Integration Using API or OPC Server

  • Direct access to all protocols via PROFIBUS API
  • Sample programs including comments
  • Integration in various plant asset management tools
  • Optional access by OPC Clients using Softing‘s OPC Server

Large Choice of Drivers

  • Use in Windows operating systems
  • Linux driver in preparation
  • PROFIBUS CommDTM for FDT applications included in scope of delivery

Technical Data

Property Master/slave,
single channel*
single channel*
dual channel
DP-V0 Master Yes - Yes
DP-V1 Master: Acyclic C2 Services Yes - Yes
FMS Yes - Yes
FDL Yes - Yes
DP-V0 Slave Yes Yes Yes
Fieldbus Connection 9-Pin D-Sub female, EIA-485, galvanically isolated
Transfer Rates 9.6; 19.2; 45.45; 93.75; 187.5; 500; 1,500; 3,000; 6,000; 12,000 Kbit/s
PC Interface PCI Express x1 According to PCIe r1.0a and CEM 1.1, 512 KB Shared RAM per Channel
Operating Temperature 0 oC .. +70 oC
Storage Temperature -20 oC .. +70 oC
Relative Humidity < 90%, Non-Condensing
Dimensions [mm] 168 x 69 168 x 69 168 x 103
Power Supply
Power Supply Voltage 3.3V / 12V DC (± 5%)
Current Consumption [mA] Typically 500 / 90 Typically 500 / 90 Typically 640 / 170
Drivers available for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Conformity CE, FC, RoHS

* Also available with Low Profile Slot Bracket.

Product Includes

  • PC interface Board
  • Drivers, sample programs on CD-ROM
  • Documentation on CD-ROM

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