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PCAN-Router Pro

PCAN-Router Pro


PCAN-Router Pro

PCAN-Router Pro

4-Channel CAN Router with Data Logger

Part No.: MPPK-CAN-ECU-PCAN-Router-Pro

The PCAN-Router Pro allows the data traffic from up to four High-speed CAN buses to be connected together.

As well as pure forwarding, the CAN data can be processed, manipulated and, for example, filtered in anumber of different ways. To do this, the behavior of the PCAN-Router Pro can be freely configured usingcomprehensive Windows® software. There are a variety of function blocks and other settings available to the user to allow this kind of configuration to be set up. At thesame time, there is a virtual fifth CAN channel which is responsible for recording all the data traffic to a CompactFlash card.

Added to this, the modular bus structure allows flexible adaptation of the CAN channels to the relevant requirements. For example, Low-speed and Singlewire CAN transceivers are also available on request.


  • 4 High-speed CAN channels by means of plug-on transceiver modules, with alternativeLow-speed, Single-wire and opto-decoupled High-speed modules available
  • CAN connections are D-Sub 9-pin
  • Configuration using PPCAN-Editor Windows® software via the CAN bus
    (PCAN series CAN interface required)
  • Various function blocks for data processing and manipulation
  • Configurable acoustic signal transmitter
  • CAN data recorded to a CompactFlash card
  • Conversion of logging data to various output formats using Windows® software
  • Wake-up function using separate input or CAN bus
  • Battery buffered realtime clock (RTC), can also be used for wake-up
  • 8 - 30 V power supply, protection against overvoltage and reverse polarity
  • Aluminum casing available with flange or optional DIN rail fitting
  • Customer-specific firmware available on request

Scope of supply

  • PCAN-Router Pro in aluminum casing including power supply connector
  • PPCAN-Editor configuration software for Windows® 7/Vista/XP (32/64-bit)
  • Conversion software for Windows® 7/Vista/XP (32/64-bit)
  • 1 GB industrial CompactFlash card (2 GB industrial Compact-Flash card available for an additional charge)
  • Manual in PDF format

Customization on request


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PCAN-Router Pro package - Package includes files for the configuration and documentation (German and English)

PCAN-Router Pro manual in PDF format (German)
PCAN-Router Pro manual in PDF format (English)


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