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PCAN-MicroMod Evaluation Kit

PCAN-MicroMod Evaluation Kit


PCAN-MicroMod Evaluation Kit

CAN, LIN, ISO11898-2/3, USB to CAN, PCI to CAN, PC104 to CAN, UART to CAN, PCI Express to CAN, LIN to CAN, ISA to CAN, J1587, K-Line, SWC, J1850, CAN Development Kit

Part No:
(PCAN-MicroMod Evaluation Kit 1 with PCAN-Dongle PS/2)
(PCAN-MicroMod Evaluation Kit 2 with PCAN-USB)

Complete evaluation board, including MicroMod and CAN interface

The plug-in module PCAN-MicroMod represents a straightforward possibility to provide electronic circuits with I/O functionality and a CAN connection. Configuring is done with a Windows® program which sends the configuration data to the module via CAN. Several modules can be configured independently on a CAN bus.

With various PCAN-MicroMod baseboards, it can be used in device and plant engineering and in the motor vehicle industry. An optional evaluation board simplifies the enhancement and development of custom boards.


  • Open-collector output driver for digital outputs and CMOS PWM outputs
  • Pickoffs and screw terminals for inputs and outputs
  • Switches for status modification of the digital inputs
  • Protected digital inputs + LED
  • 4 potentiometers for analog inputs
  • Low pass and resistive divider for voltages > 5 V
  • Serial interface for firmware updates
  • Optional Low-speed CAN transceiver
  • Operating temperature range from 0 to 85 °C (32 to 185 °F)
  • Dimensions: 100 x 100 mm

Scope of Supply

  • PCAN-MicroMod
  • PCAN-MicroMod Evaluation Board
  • Power supply unit
  • PCAN-Dongle PS/2 (Kit 1) / PCAN-USB (Kit 2)
  • 2 m CAN cable with termination (Kit 1 & 2)
  • PCAN-MicroMod Configuration software for Windows® Details ...
  • Manual and schematic in PDF format

PCAN-MicroMod Configuration

Configuration options in the PCAN-MicroMod Configuration software supplied:

  • Product-specific configuration options:
    • Periodic and edge-triggered transmission of CAN messages
    • Logical linking of digital inputs
    • Direct conversion from analog inputs to CAN IDs
    • Analog values can be processed using characteristic curves or hysteresis functions
    • Direct evaluation of rotary encoders
  • Configuration data transmitted via CAN (PEAK CAN interface required)
  • Existing configurations can be read out via CAN for further processing

MPPK-CAN-ECU-MicroMod-EK-1 (002081)
MPPK-CAN-ECU-MicroMod-EK-2 (002079)

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