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GP241XX系列 - I2C, SPI, digital pattern generator, logic analyzer

I2C/SPI-GP24100 (8 MByte)
I2C/SPI-GP24116 (16 MByte)
I2C/SPI-GP24132 (32 MByte)

GP-241xx is a USB 2.0 high speed digital pattern generator, logic analyzer and bi-directional protocol (SPI/I2C) host adapter.

GP-241xx Overview
Byte Paradigm GP-241xx devices are set of a high-speed programmable bidirectional interfaces that allows the stimulation and the analysis of digital electronic systems.

Connected to a PC through a USB 2.0 interface and using a fully programmable hardware accelerator, GP-241xx devices enable a flexible and powerful access to electronic system boards and electronic devices under test.

The GP-241xx can be turned into an arbitrary digital pattern generator, logic analyzer or serial protocol master / analyzer, that fits in 16

  1. Actual direction setting for each pin depends of the used mode of operation

  2. The limiting factor is the host computer controlling the GP-24100. 48 MByte/s is the maximum throughput achievable by the USB 2.0 connection hardware implementation.

  3. Informative only – depends on the host PC.

  4. Each application requires proper mode of operation. Please contact Byte Paradigm to check about modes of operation roadmap and availability.

  5. Actually, the USB 2.0 high speed connection throughput is 60 MB/s (480 Mb/s); this bandwidth must be shared between the data and the USB protocol controls.

  6. Result of a performance test with a Pentium 4 3GHz PC, GP-24100 configured as a pattern generator

Device Data / Pattern Width Maximum Frequency Embedded Memory
GP-24100 16 bits 100 MHz 8 MByte
GP-24116 16 bits 100 MHz 16 MByte
GP-24132 16 bits 100 MHz 32 Mbyte


GP-241xx devices are able to sustain a continuous throughput of 48 MByte/s5. The actual throughput for continuous transfer depends on the host PC performances and can be expected between 11 MByte/s and 30 MByte/s6. For most usages – and only for 3.3V I/O standards –GP-241xx device is powered directly through the host PC USB connection, enabling a very quick device setup. Additionally, an external power supply can be connected to the GP-241xx devices when higher current must be sinked through the system or when another I/O voltage is required.

Minimum Host PC requirements

GP-241xx connects to any PC using Microsoft Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 operating systems through a USB 2.0 port connector.

Operating power

The main power supply of the GP-241xx is taken from the USB bus to provide the necessary voltage to the device core. The system interface can be powered either from the USB bus (internal power supply mode), either from an external power supply, to control the voltage level used by the device I/Os connected to a system under test.

When the internal power supply mode is selected, the GP-241xx is fully bus-powered and operates without any external power supply. In this mode, the voltage level of the system interface is fixed to +3.3V (Refer to section “5 DC and Switching Characteristics” for more details on the compatible I/O voltage levels for the system connector).

The system connector can however operate at different voltage level between +1.8V and +3.3V.

An external power supply connector is located at the side of the device. It is protected with a jumper. This power connector is labeled “GND VEXT”.

Respect the connector polarity during usage!

An internal automatic switching mechanism holds the I/O voltage between 1.2V and 3.3V: when the supplied external I/O voltage drops below 1.2V or rises over 3.3V, the I/O voltage is automatically switched to the internal 3.3V voltage. This mechanism is not a full voltage protection: the user MUST respect the absolute maximum ratings, as specified at section 5.1.

Enabling the external power mode:

  1. Disconnect the device from the USB bus

  2. Remove the jumper from the VEXT connector

  3. Connect and apply the external power supply to the VEXT pins of the system connector (respect the polarity, as shown on the label near the connector !)

  4. Connect the device to the USB bus.

Enabling the internal power mode (bus powered)::

  1. Disconnect the device from the USB bus

  2. Shut down and disconnect the external power supply.

  3. Connect the device to the USB bus.

USB and system interface connections

A 1.5 or 2 meters USB mini-B to USB type A is provided with all GP-241xx packages.

A set of 34 flying lead wires connect the GP-241xx device to the board under test. A standard pin header with 2.54 mm (0.1 inch) pitch must be foreseen on the target board where access is desired.

Hardware accelerator configuration

As multi-mode / multi-function device, GP-241xx is mode of operation-oriented.

The modes of operation currently available7 are:

  • ADWG : digital pattern generator;

  • Analyzer : logic analyzer;

  • SPI : SPI (serial peripheral interface) master and analyzer;

  • I2C : I2C protocol master and analyzer

When used with the 8PI Control Panel software suite, each mode of operation defines a set of functionalities and configures the GP-241xx device for proper operation.

Among others, each mode of operation defines:

  • the pins used on the system connector and their direction (in, out or bi-directional)

  • the ability to use some control features such as repetitive sequences or triggers

  • the limits to some parameters, such as the maximum clock frequency.

Please refer to 8PI Control Panel user’s guide for more information about each mode of operation.

Hot plug and play

The GP-241xx USB device can be attached and removed from the host computer without having to power-down or reboot. There is a delay after connecting the device to the host system before it is actually functional and reported as one of the Windows devices; during this time, the host software detects the GP-241xx and programs its hardware settings.

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