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RN24 Bluetooth Class 1 Super Module

RN24 Bluetooth Class 1 Super Module


RN24 Bluetooth Class 1 Super Module

Bluetooth Sensor Interface



The RN-24 Class I 〝supermodule〞 provides all the functionality of the RN41, module, but adds all of the other circuitry to quickly build a complete product. All you need to do on your circuit board is add a serial connector and power connector. The RN24 adds the RS232 chip, power regulation and packaging to make adding bluetooth to your serial product a snap. It is the circuit board equivalent of the FireFly , without the DB9 connector and power connector.

The RN24 is available with on board chip antenna or SMA connector. It features standard DIP Pin Headers to make the module easy to add to your product as an 〝option〞. It also features voltage regulation, status LEDs, and thru hole pins/header.

  • DIP header footprint with standard spacing (.1 or 2mm) .
  • On board regulators can accept 4-20 VDC input power.
  • TTL or RS-232 level, via on board RS-232 converters.
  • LED indicators for status.
  • On board stacks/profiles make integration simple (no host code).
  • Complete embedded solution, simplest mode requires only 4 pin connection ( TX, RX, VCC, GND).
  • Sustained data performance of >230kbps.
  • Advanced features such as auto pairing, and auto connect master,enabled using Programmable IO pins.
  • Fully configurable with simple AT style commands locally over UART and remotely over Bluetooth.
  • Low power consumption, 1ma standby, 5/25/40/60ma connected. * Bluetooth v1.1, 1.2, and 2.0/ EDR compliant.

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