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Bluetooth Basic/Development Kit (BT-1000)

Bluetooth Basic/Development Kit (BT-1000)


Bluetooth Basic/Development Kit (BT-1000)

Wireless Embedded Training System

Part No:MPMT-WL-EB-BT-1000

1. specifications

  • Objective : Supporting product development with Bluetooth technology.

  • Developing Environment: PC, firmware based.

  • Hardware specifications

  • Bluetooth Core chip : CSR BlueCore02-External

  • Bluetooth module : Bluetooth Spec V1.1Module (BlueSEM II , Class 2)

  • Board Size : 190 x 160 x 60 [mm]

  • Interface : USB / UART / SPI

  • Power Supply : USB / Adaptor(9V, 300mA) / Battery(4.2V, 100mAH)

  • Others : LED, Ear-microphone, I/O Connector, Parallel port

  • Selectable I/O : 10 EA

  • Selectable Button : 6 EA

  • Test Point : 23 Points

(Main Body)


  • Application Signaling Documents : Headset, Audio-gateway, Hands-free, FTP

  • Demonstration program : Voice, Chatting, File Transfer

  • HCI Command Test Program : Using USB interface


  • Bluetooth module featuring for various application of software.

  • Module replacement type capable of supporting multi application development by turning Bluetooth chipset module into daughter-board

  • Supporting various power supply types – able to select preferred type per each application

  • Featuring all interfaces supported by Bluetooth chipset (UART/ USB/ SPI/ Parallel)

  • Hardware for voice support application (ear-microphone jack)

  • Li-Ion battery recharging available (USB/Adaptor)

  • Selection of hardware I/O port per different user available

  • Hardware testing possible with test pin insert

  • LED available for the status of each I/O

  • Bluetooth protocol signaling chart available for application program development (Host/Embedded)

  • Embedded Programming is available using BlueLab SDK.

 Featured Functions

  • Bluetooth development tool

  • Embedded Programming available using BlueLab SDK.

  • Voice communication (Headset profile)

  • Data communication (FTP profile)

  • Hardware check using test pin

  • Li-Ion battery recharging (Adaptor, USB)

  • Selection of various power supply types (Adaptor/ Battery/ USB)

  • Selection of power (Button/ Slide switch)

  • Selective use of Bluetooth module I/O

  • LED indication for Bluetooth module I/O

  • Interface selection between host and host controller communication (External Support)

Contents (Recommended)

Experiment 1. Introduction to Bluetooth Technology

Experiment 2. Program installation and instruction

˙Demonstration : Chatting, Voice comm., FTP(File Transfer Protocol)

Experiment 3. Interface setup (UART, USB, SPI)

Experiment 4. Introduction to Hardware circuit

Experiment 5. Hardware measurements I

˙PCM Codec comm.

˙Data communication

Experiment 6. Hardware measurements II

˙Radio frequency energy spectrum

˙Power supply method (Battery, USB, Adaptor)

Experiment 7. Signaling process I

Experiment 8. Signaling process II

Experiment 9. Application Experiment I

˙Input and output port control.

˙Encrypted file transfer

Experiment 10. Application Experiment II

˙Communication using Headset and Audio gateway

Experiment 11. Application Experiment III

˙Network Communication between Bluetooth Device. (Piconet Experiment)


Main Body : 2 units

Demo CD : 1 EA

User Manual : 1 EA

USB Cable : 2 EA

UART Cable : 2EA

SPI Cable : 1EA

Adaptor : 2EA

Ear-microphone : 2 EA

Audio Cable : 1 EA

•Packing Box : 1 EA

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