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Bluetooth Data Acquisition Module

Bluetooth Data Acquisition Module


Bluetooth Data Acquisition Module

Bluetooth Sensor Interface


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The BlueSentry is a simple Bluetooth I/O device that allows wireless communications to PC and PDA clients using Serial Port Profile. Attaching easily to sensor outputs, it automatically begins taking continuous measurements making it excellent for wireless data acquisition. As a Class 1 Bluetooth device, the BlueSentry has a range up to 100 meters (330 feet) depending on environmental factors.

Paired with the BluePort or BluePort XP serial adapters, software applications can control and acquire data as if connected to a local serial port even if they do not have built in Bluetooth hardware.

Containing a built in processor and smart Bluetooth radio, the BlueSentry is programmed over Bluetooth via simple ASCII characters (both ASCII and binary output formats are supported).


  • 8 selectable 16 bit Input A/D channels 0-5VDC at up to 3000Hz sample rate.
  • 2 on board FET switches for powering external sensors.
  • 2 general purpose inputs/outputs (15ma drive) forcontrol.
  • Serial Port Profile enabled, slave or master mode capable.
  • Low power sleep and wake on connect options
  • Status LEDs

Connections: Screw Post, RJ45, and 12 pin internal header

Power: Low power 6-12VDC (75ma) can run from 4-AAA batteries (not included).

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