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Time Measuring Boards

RTC Board

RTC2 Board

RTC BoardThe RTC Board features the PCF8583 Real-Time Clock (RTC) used to keep track of the current time. This board has a battery power backup so that it can be used even when the microcontroller is turned off.  [more info] RTC2 BoardAdd a Real-Time Clock (RTC) to your applications using the RTC2 Board. It features a serial real-time clock (RTC) DS1307 that is a low-power clock/calendar with 56 bytes of NV SRAM. There is also an on-board battery providing power supply backup.[more info]



RTC PROTO BoardThe RTC PROTO Board enables you to connect your prototype device with a Real-Time Clock (RTC). The board features the PCF8583 clock/calendar circuit based on a 2048-bit static CMOS RAM organized as 256 words each consisting of 8 bits. [more info] RTC2 PROTO BoardThe RTC2 PROTO Board allows you to connect a prototype device to a Real-Time Clock (RTC) using DS1307. As soon as you establish connection you are ready to keep track of real time. There is also an on-board battery for power supply backup.[more info]


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