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Power Supply Control Boards


3.3V-5V Voltage Regulator Board

UNI-REG BoardThe UNI-REG Board features a Step-Down Voltage Regulator LM2576 that enables voltage to change from 7-23V AC (or 9-32V DC) to 5V, 4V, 3.3V, 2.7V or 1.8V. The board components are clearly marked, which makes the connection easier.[more info] 3.3V-5V Voltage Regulator BoardThe 3.3V-5V Voltage Regulator Board includes an on-board regulator that enables voltage to change from 3.3V to 5V with 250mA maximum output current. The board components are clearly marked so that there is no need for additional schematic.[more info]

3.3VReg Board

5V-3.3VReg Board

3.3VReg BoardThe 3.3VReg Board has an on-board regulator that can provide local on-card regulation, thus eliminating the distribution problems associated with single point regulation. The board is connected to your prototype device via on-board screw terminals.[more info] 5V-3.3VReg BoardThe 5V-3.3VReg Board is an accessory board that includs an on-board regulator. This regulator is used to provide local on-card regulation by reducing voltage from 8-16V AC/DC to 5V or 3.3V DC. [more info]

mikroDrive Board

3.3V-5V Voltage Translator Board

mikroDrive BoardThe mikroDrive Board features a high-current Darlington arrays ULN2804 and a jumper for power supply selection. The board provides an interface between a low-level logic circuitry of your prototype board and multiple peripheral power loads. [more info] 3.3V-5V Voltage Translator BoardIf you need to use your 3.3V prototype device in 5V voltage systems than the 3.3V-5V Voltage Translator Board is the best solution for you. The board features a bidirectional voltage translator LVCC3245A. [more info]

5V-3.3V Voltage Translator Board

Battery Boost Board

5V-3.3V Voltage Translator BoardThe 5V-3.3V Voltage Translator Board allows you to use a 5V prototype device in 3.3V voltage systems. This board contains a bidirectional voltage translator LVCC3245A. [more info] Battery Boost BoardThe Battery Boost Board is an easy-to-use power supply solution for battery-powered applications. It features a step-up DC/DC converter MCP1640 and jumper used for the output voltage selection (3.3V or 5V). [more info]


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