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Audio & Voice Boards

SmartMP3 Board

EasyMP3 Board

SmartMP3 BoardThe SmartMP3 Board offers a complete and cost-effective audio solution. The board features an MP3 decoder VS1011e with SPI Interface, audio amplifiers and voltage level selection (5V or 3.3V).[more info] EasyMP3 BoardThe EasyMP3 Board is an accessory board that includes an on-board MPEG audio layer 3 decoder VS1011e with SPI Interface. There is also an on-board screw terminal that enables easy connection with peripherals. [more info]

AudioAMP Board

Microphone AMP Board

AudioAMP BoardThe AudioAMP Board features an on-board power amplifier LM386 designed for use in low voltage consumer applications. The quiescent power drain is only 24 milliwatts. The board can be connected to your prototype device via on-board screw terminals. [more info] Microphone AMP BoardThe Microphone AMP Board enables you to add a power amplifier with microphone to your applications. There is an on-board Audio Power Amplifier LM386 and microphone that can be connected to your prototype device via an on-board screw terminal. [more info]

EasyBuzz Board

Audio Codec Board - PROTO

EasyBuzz BoardThe EasyBuzz Board enables your development system to emit audio signals. It contains a piezo speaker capable of playing sound frequencies in the range between 20Hz and 20kHz. There is also an on-board DIP switch used to connfigure board connections. [more info] Audio Codec Board-PROTOThe Audio Codec Board - PROTO includes a low-power stereo CODEC WM8731 with an integrated headphone driver. The board also features headphone and microphone connectors for testing your audio prototype device. On-board components are clearly marked to make connection easy. [more info]


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