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8051 Compilers

mikroC PRO for 8051

mikroBasic PRO for 8051

mikroPascal PRO for 8051

mikroC-PRO-8051Compiler mikroC PRO for 8051 has all the ANSI C power and flexibility and the most advanced IDE on the market. Many practical examples and a comprehensive documentation allow a quick start in programming 8051 microcontrollers. [more info] mikroBasic-PRO-8051Compiler mikroBasic PRO for 8051 provides easy-to-learn BASIC syntax, advanced compiler features, built-in routines and many practical examples that allow a quick start in programming 8051 MCUs.[more info] mikroPascal-PRO-8051Compiler mikroPascal PRO for 8051 is a stand-alone compiler for 8051 MCUs. Develop your applications in an intuitive and friendly Pascal environment using many advanced features and practical examples.[more info]


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